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Don't have a Kindle device? Don't worry, you don't need one to read a Kindle eBook. Get the Kindle reader app FREE direct from Amazon for your PC, tablet or smartphone. Here's how...

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Someone sent me a Kindle book by email. How do I get it onto my Kindle device?

The easy way: just forward the email to your Kindle device or app
This works with any Kindle device including the reader app for your tablet or smartphone, but not the Kindle for PC app.

1) Every registered Kindle device and reader app has its own email address, different from your personal email. Go into your account at Amazon and click on "Manage devices & apps".
2) Click on “Settings” in the new window. At the bottom of the screen is the email address for your Kindle device or app, and your personal email which you registered for use with your account. Make a note of the Kindle address. (You can edit it to make it more personal if you wish).
3) Open your personal email and add your Kindle address as a new contact.
4) Now, whenever you are sent a Kindle ebook by email attachment all you have to do is put CONVERT (lower case will do) in the subject line and forward the email to your Kindle's email address. Voila!
Give it a moment and the book will appear on your Kindle device or reader app just as though you had bought it direct from Amazon. Happy reading.

Some notes:
If you got the book file from me it will have the file extension .mobi, which is correct for your Kindle device or app. If you are sent a PDF or EPUB  file this should work too, at least on newer Kindles like Fire and Paperwhite. If the transfer fails, try switching your Kindle off and then on again, or use the sync files button.

If you have Kindle for PC (K4PC):-

This might work on your smartphone or tablet too if you have the Amazon reader app. Try it and let me know.
1) log into your email account on your PC, laptop or tablet (ie the device on which your K4PC resides).
2) open the email that has the book file attached.
3) double click the attached mobi file to open it. Voila! Job done.
The book will open in K4PC and get automatically sucked into the K4PC's library folder.

Some more notes:
If you use the K4PC method note that unlike using the email method the book will not be stored in Amazon's cloud, only in your local K4PC library. That doesn't really matter except that if your PC goes Phut! you will lose the book file too. Good advice: keep a backup copy on a memory stick or whatever.

The slightly less easy way for anybody interested: This is called side loading.
1) Log into your email account on your laptop or PC
2) Open the email with the book file attached. Then:-

If you have an e-ink Kindle:
1) Save the attached mobi file to your PC. Anywhere will do (eg the desktop or a documents folder), so long as you can find it again.
2) Connect your Kindle to your PC using a micro-USB cable.
3) When the AutoPlay window opens, click Open Folder to View Files. Your Kindle will appear as an external drive at the bottom of the folders list.
4) Find the mobi file you saved in step 1, then drag-and-drop it into the Kindle's documents folder.
6) Right click the Kindle folder and choose "safely eject the device from your computer".
Job done!

If you have a Kindle Fire:
1) Save the mobi file to your PC and connect the Kindle Fire with a micro-USB cable as above. (In some cases you may have to unlock the Fire device before Windows will recognise it.)
2) Open Windows Explorer.
3) Under Portable Devices, double-click Kindle > Internal storage.
4) Double-click Books.
5) Find the mobi file you saved in step 1, then drag-and-drop it into the Kindle Fire's Books folder.
6) Safely eject the device from your computer.
Voila! The ebook will appear on the device’s carousel screen. If not, tap Docs on the top menu, then tap Device. The ebook should appear there.

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